Colca Trekking Two Days One Night

Colca Trekking Two Days One Night

Two days
US$ 82.00

Colca Trekking Two Days One Night

In this tour, you will be able to enjoy the traditional towns of the Colca Valley, in addition, the walk will be bordering the canyon, where you will be able to appreciate the wonderful view of the canyon and the Colca River.

Tour Plan

Colca Trekking 2D/1N
In this tour, you will be able to enjoy the traditional towns of the Colca Valley, in addition, the walk will be bordering the canyon, where you will be able to appreciate the wonderful view of the canyon and the Colca River.

Tour start: 03:00 am (1st day) Tour end: 05:00 pm (2nd day)

Scheduled departures: Every day Difficulty: Medium — High

First day:

I pick up the tourists from their respective hotel at 03:00 a.m. by private bus, to move to the Colca Canyon, after 3 hours of travel we will stop at the first Chivay town, and we will have the 1st breakfast, later we will continue with our tour towards the Cruz del Cóndor, in this place we will enjoy for a time of 45 minutes of the fabulous flight of the Condors, to then reach the town of Cabanaconde located at 3287 m.a.s.l. where we will start our walk through the canyon, heading to the viewpoints of Pampa San Miguel, where we will be able to appreciate part of the route that we will take. Initiating our descent towards the town of San Juan de Chuccho making a walk of approximately 3 hours to the Colca River, we cross a suspension bridge, then we will be able to see some fruit and native plants of the area, in the town of San Juan we will have our corresponding lunch at the agreed time. To later continue our journey through the depths of the Canyon visiting the town of Cosñirhua - Malata and then go to the "OASIS SANGALLE - HOTEL: PARAÍSO LAS PALMERAS LODGE".
Second day:

We get up at 05:00 in the morning previously coordinated with the guide to start the ascent to Cabanaconde, once at the top we will have breakfast at the agreed restaurant, and then we will board the private bus to go to the Chivay district, previously doing the respective stops: 1.- at the Antahuilque viewpoint where we can appreciate the Inca terraces of the Colca and small water lakes that change colors, 2.- in the town of Maca where we can appreciate a colonial church, take photos with tame eagles, and camelids, and where we can also buy Colca crafts and try the Colca Sour drink made from the fruit of a Colca cactus. Continuing with our tour we will arrive at the little town of Chivay, the capital of the Colca Valley, then we will go to the Calera Thermo-medicinal Baths with 38ºC where we can enjoy its relaxing waters for a period of 1 hour, then we return to Chivay, lunch at the time previously coordinated with the group, after our lunch we will go to the city of Arequipa making the following stops on the way: 1- viewpoint of the Andes where we can appreciate the southern volcanic chain. 2- in the national reserve where we will be able to appreciate the wild fauna (vicuñas, birds and others) and we will also be able to see domesticated camelids (llamas, alpacas and others).

Thus, continuing with our tour, we will arrive in the city of Arequipa at approximately 5:00 pm.

This is how we will end this fascinating adventure in the Colca.

* Tourist pick up from the hotel

*Tourist transportation round trip

*Professional bilingual guide

* Lodging at Oasis Sangalle – paradise laspalmas lodge

*Thermal baths in the oasis

*Food (02 breakfasts - 01 lunch - 01 dinner)


*Entrance to the thermal baths S/. 15.00

*Last lunch Chivay S/. 35.00

*Mule rental S/. 80.00


*Tourist Tickets (BTC): European Tourists S/. 70.00

                                                          South American Tourists S/. 40.00
                                                          National Tourists S/. 20.00
                                                           Tourist born. Older adult S/. 05.00
                                                           National Children S/. 5.00


      <li ");=" " text-align:=" " justify;"="" ..="" img="" approved.gif="">  *Bloqueador solar y repelente de mosquitos<li ");=" " text-align:=" " justify;"="" ..="" img="" approved.gif="">  *Gorro para sol , lentes de sol<li ");=" " text-align:=" " justify;"="" ..="" img="" approved.gif="">  *Ropa  ligera y ropa abrigadora <li ");=" " text-align:=" " justify;"="" ..="" img="" approved.gif="">  *Casaca impermeable ( enero-abril)<li ");=" " text-align:=" " justify;"="" ..="" img="" approved.gif="">  *Cámara fotografía o filmadora.<li ");=" " text-align:=" " justify;"="" ..="" img="" approved.gif="">  *Baterías adicional<li ");=" " text-align:=" " justify;"="" ..="" img="" approved.gif="">  *Linternas de mano o frontales<li ");=" " text-align:=" " justify;"="" ..="" img="" approved.gif="">  *Zapatos cómodos.



  ***Estos precios, no aplican para: feriados, fiestas patrias, navidad, año nuevo y semana Santa***

In the Oasis Sangalle - hotel paradise las palmas lodge we can rest, appreciate and spend a refreshing afternoon in the pool, at 20C ° later we will have our dinner, after dinner tourists will be offered a campfire. Later the overnight and end of the first day.

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