City tour + Historic Center Pedestrian Tour

City tour + Historic Center Pedestrian Tour

four hours
US$ 28.00

City tour + Historic Center Pedestrian Tour

In this combined tour, we will start with the main square and its surroundings in the panoramic bus, the first point to visit:

Tour Plan

City tour + Historic Center Pedestrian Tour
In this combined tour, we will start with the main square and its surroundings in the panoramic bus, the first point to visit:



Traditional neighborhood in its historic area there are narrow streets characterized by its picturesque Spanish appearance. It has one of the most outstanding churches of mestizo regional art built in 1750. The square has a viewpoint with a view of the city and its three volcanoes, the Misti (5,825 m.s.n.m) Chachani (6,075 m.s.n.m) and Pichu Pichu (5,554 m.s.n.m) also nearby we will find craft centers.

 Carmen Alto viewpoint:

Located within the traditional district of Cayma, in the town of Carmen Alto from where you can see the terraces or terraces, these make up the cultivation area and the course of the Chili River. The climate is delicious and healthy, and the air pure; ideal place for the convalescence of patients. Orchards and fruit trees abound.

Inkalpaca Factory and Zoo:

Incalpaca offers garments of the highest export quality of alpaca garments with great discounts of up to 70% in the outlet. It also has a mini zoo, where the varieties of South American camelids such as llamas, alpacas, vicuñas and guanacos are exhibited.

We will pass through the district of Sachaca where we will appreciate the Goyeneche Palace and the Tingo spa.

Then we will go to the tour of the main tourist attraction of the historic center. We will visit:


Plaza de Armas and the Cathedral:

Located in the Historic Center of Arequipa, around it is the Arequipa Cathedral in the north, the portals of Arequipa. Important place where the beautiful town of
 Arequipa was founded
The Cloisters and the Society of Jesus:

This church was built between 1595 and 1698. It has a main nave, two lateral wings, a high choir and a sanctuary. Inside the temple you can see carved wooden altarpieces covered with gold leaf. In the sacristy is the chapel of San Ignacio, with polychrome murals showing tropical flora and fauna. The cloisters were built in the 18th century.

The chapel of San Ignacio:

Also called the Sistine Chapel of Arequipa, it is a beautiful example of Arequipa's decorative art, where the colors of its walls and dome stand out, whose vividness and intensity are manifested through the centuries. One of the characteristics that stands out a lot is precisely the four evangelists in the four pendentives and with their respective symbols: John with the eagle; Lucas with the bull; Marcos with the Lion and Mateo with the man, which incite to know and explore religion and, more than that, the spirituality that is reflected in these beautiful sets made more than 300 years ago.

The Casona Tristan del Pozo:

Today, this mansion built in the mid-18th century has become the headquarters of a bank and houses a site museum as well as an art gallery. This construction shows the splendor of Arequipa's colonial construction, having used ashlar stone as a material. It has its vaulted ceilings and the typical colonial patios built by the Spanish.

San Francisco Complex:

The temple of San Francisco is located in front of a small square. The church has a rectangular ground plan, three naves, a transept and a chancel. This convent was founded in 1552, but its construction did not take place until a few years later. This complex, like the others, has suffered earthquakes, and the major modifications are in the original structures. The superb choir of the church carved in ashlar, is the admiration of all. The sculptures are among the most beautiful works of the seventeenth century in Arequipa. The Temple of the Third Order is located in the same square, and was built after the 1784 earthquake.



*Professional Guide

*Mobility – panoramic bus



*Dome of San Ignacio: S/.10.00 Soles

*Santa Catalina Monastery: S/.40.00 Soles

*Site guide at the Santa Catalina Monastery: S/.20.00 Soles 1 pax

                                                                                                  S/.10.00 Soles 2 pax or more each


**This tour is a pedestrian tour of 2 hours + the monastery of Santa Catalina 1 hour in total, a duration of approximately 3 hours

**The monastery of Santa Catalina has its own guides, so you must add the entrance fee + guide if you wish to include it in the tour, just like the dome of San Ignacio, the entrance fee is optional.

***These prices do not apply for: holidays, national holidays, Christmas, New Year and Easter***

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